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7 Best Software Tools for Technical Writing in 2020

Technical writing is the art that explains how we use technology to know language means to transfer difficult information during a simple and straightforward format. It doesn’t only use to write down technical content it’s more specific term that also refers technical communication like computer software, hardware, and other technical fields but it’s much involved in content writing, content writing requires specific skills not everyone has command on it, there are several software tools that enhance and simplify the technical writing, we use technical writing tools in writing, editing, drawing, reviewing and rewriting. Although, if you aren’t able to write down your paperwork or any other academic stuff that will make your grade bad, don’t you worry. With the help of Best Assignment Writing Service you can get your work done in the finest form.

Thereafter, the fundamental goal of technical writing is clarity in your article, blog, report etc., the users don’t have enough time to avoid time-consuming endeavors. Similar to clarity, there’s conciseness: concise means write to the purpose and don’t give unnecessary details with complete clarity. Also, accuracy, to attain the most effective results in technical writing it must be accurate and properly proofread. Besides, here are 7 tools for technical writing.

Microsoft Word

When you mention content writing the Microsoft word is the most typical and first tool that comes in mind of a technical writer, it has tons of features that make for you; a simple and stylish Microsoft word is the best friend of any academic writer. Consistent with the survey 1 out of 5 people uses Microsoft for their personal and professional purpose, and it’s the essential need of each student to form their assignments, essays, notes etc.

Basic features of Microsoft word for technical writing:

  • Automatic spell checker, highlighter, grammar checker
  • Documents templates like flyers, brochures, technical white papers, troubleshooting guide etc.
  • Track changes best for editors and reviewers to review and suggests editing within the content
  • Find and replace option is the best
  • Save your documents in any format like pdf, XPS, RTF etc.
  • You can give your own style to the documentation, borders, paragraph formats, styling, tables, etc.

Google Docs

Google doc is a multi-user tool that’s available free or as a section of google drive, it’s the simplest tool when many users want to collaborate and write content on the same topic, this tool is adopted by most businesses because they require to increase efficiency and make information readily available on the cloud. In Google Docs there’s no versioning problem for your content because the users function on the document and make changes to the content. In your google drive, change is automatically saved; meaning your data is often secured and available in your google drive account.

There are three options in google DOCS editing, suggesting and viewing you’ll be able to easily edit your document without tracking the changes from editing mode, and suggestion option will enable the tracking and make your edit on suggestion and you’ll easily read and print your document with the viewing option. But there also are few disadvantages of google docs.

It requires internet access to edit and examine your document; you can’t access google drive without the internet. It’ll not display the document when there’s no net connection, also Google Docs doesn’t have a variety of formatting options that are available in data processing.

Adobe Photoshop

Content writers use images within the blogs and articles; sometimes, they need to edit the pictures and it requires some advanced screen capture tools and desires proper screen editing to urge the specified result. Once you need to edit images in technical writing adobe photoshop is the most useful tool for writers, it’s the foremost powerful image editing tool that you simply need to create for websites, designs, video graphics and editing pictures for printing. It’s the alternate of GIMP and PAINT.NET none of them is beneficial then adobe for technical writers.

Focus Writer

Focus Writer is a word processor tool that’s designed specifically for technical writers who put their ideas on screen. It is best to eliminate distraction and simply perform the writing job. It helps you to customize the text on the screen. This software isn’t for everybody you can’t going back to your editing work; it’s very limited formatting options, you’ll easily change the theme to something that’s more inspiring, you can’t change the dimensions from center, there are some special tools that keep your progress on the right track, you’ll set the alarm for the certain period of time which is extremely useful for you PC, focus writer too is merely focused on text. It fades around everything except your writing area.


This is the application that technical writers use once they are publishing their documents online, it’s the foremost helpful authoring tool which is developed by Adobe system for helping technical writers to develop their projects on different formats, RoboHelp is using in companies to deliver online content and articles

The formats where you’ll generate your output with the assistance of RoboHelp.


• Mobile apps formats

• Web help formats

• E books

• HTML5 help format

• Printed document

Robohelp is the user interface friendly app that helps to publish academic contents with no difficulty; users can easily create the documents and publish them online without any guidance. The disadvantage of RoboHelp is that it takes an excessive amount of time and difficult to share when collaborating with multiple users and therefore the cost of RoboHelp is extremely high, which isn’t affordable for individual content writers.

Techsmith Snagit

It is quite common in technical writing to add screenshots of any application and product; screenshots used to face your product. This is often the primary thing users see once they bring to your website; it plays a task in making the decisions also. There are many tools for screenshots available in market but the SnagIt is that the most powerful screen capture tool for technical writers it support on windows and Mac OS, by using SnagIt you’ll easily capture your screen and save this on any format also you’ll share it on different outputs like file, FTP, screencast and more, you’ll capture any area of window it also supports video , this is often used to record actions is performed on the screen with SnagIt you’ll easily capture the specified area from the screen.


In technical writing, there’s tons useful of spellings and grammars in your content once you write any content the next part is to proofread and editing which is extremely time-consuming and difficult, but Grammarly is the best writing assistance tolls for content writers, this is often the foremost commonly used software in technical writing, it available free on internet and free extension for browser, Firefox and chrome, Grammarly automatically indicate and highlight mistakes and offers numbers of suggestions to correct your error, it had been also very interesting features that it also can check the document for plagiarism. This software is the best tool to see grammar, spellings, style and plagiarism. It doesn’t highlight mistakes only but also it gives options for suggestions.

Eventually, technical writing requires a range of writing skills but you need to settle on appropriate tools for perfection in your work, technical writers working in several platforms and they are liable for generating quality content. Before using any tool for technical writing, make sure the features are fulfilling all of your needs, and it’ll be the simplest option for your technical writing; picking the proper choice of tool will assist you to make quality content of the product consistent with the user interest. Besides, most of the college students find trouble while writing an academic paper or dissertation, well no worries. Through the use of Best Assignment Writing Services, you can form up your work before the deadlines

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