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Best Careers for The Future 2020 And Beyond

The world is changing fast. We can see how much the world has changed if we make an analytical study of history. The man started from primitive communities that later grew into agricultural and industrial societies. These societies had a larger spectrum of occupations for the people. People were exploring fields with the advancements of society.

We witnessed another shift with the start of the digital age. However, the question stands, what is the future of employment? We will most likely outgrow many of the fields that we see today depending on the rate of change in society. New scientific breakthroughs are being made every year and science is about to step foot into the golden age. Is it even possible to prepare for future jobs? If yes, how can we do it? Is it about excelling in academics or skill development? Is it about learning from the environment or learning from books? The future is still unknown.

The best we can do for the future of occupations is to learn from the info that we have today. If we can have a firm grip on the knowledge of today, we can unlock the doors to tomorrow. The way to go for this is to make an educated guess by observing the current patterns of education.

There is no absolute answer for this, but this targeted guessing indicates some amazing and promising field to arise in the future. The only thing we know for sure that change will always keep happening. The world will continue to experience changes in the social, economic and political trends. These changes will determine which career prosper in the future.

Best Careers for the Future:

Making a list of promising careers while looking for assignment writing service wasn’t something easy. However, our team managed to line a few careers that are on top of our list. Before we get started, we want to point out that there are some unforeseen factors as well. For example, climate change may affect our lives permanently in the future. Other happy accidents could change the look of our world as well. Neglecting all these factors let’s get on with our list of the best careers for 2020 and beyond.

Solar technician:

With the rage of pollution and environmental damage the world is now moving towards clean energy (solar energy) from the year 2000 to 2020, there has been significant growth in the solar industry. Every year more and more people are starting to rely on solar energy for their energy needs. A giant ball of fire than provides free energy? (who wouldn’t like that)

The technical market saw a significant rise in the number of solar technicians and experts. The sun isn’t expected to run out of energy anytime soon so we can safely say that solar technology and engineering is the safest bets.

The education for solar education is not as easy as the technology involved is quite unique. The technology uses solar panels that collect solar energy and convert into electrical energy through rechargeable batteries.

Solar energy has made it possible for the world to transit to a clean energy source. The process may feel slightly expensive in the beginning, but it feels just perfect when reaping the benefits. In the U.S., about 22,000 solar technician jobs may become available over the decade from 2018 to 2028. Median yearly pay for this occupation was $44,890 in 2019. This makes solar technician a promising field and the number one career on our list for the future!

Wind energy:

Since we were already talking about clean-energy it was important to mention wind energy technicians as well. The wind energy isn’t an old technology it operates on the principle of converting mechanical energy from huge windmills into electrical energy.

Many of the countries like Sweden and the Netherlands have started relying on wind for providing energy. With the red flags on climate change, people do not want to rely on heat powered systems for energy. These systems cause smoke and pollution and cause global warming. Modern countries have already shifted their focus to clean energy sources like solar and wind. Similarly, the poorer countries will do the same soon. The wind industry is already a rapidly growing field.

It is expected to hold the second-highest number of experts and employees in the next 20 years.  The technicians will be responsible for the production, installation and maintenance of these energy plants. About 13,000 job openings could be generated for wind energy technicians over the decade that ends in 2028. The median salary in this field was $52,910 in 2019.

Nurse practitioner:

Health-related occupations have never gone out of business. They may have changed their ways and methods. From herbalists to homoeopathic, to allopathic, all experts have made a fortune by treating health-related problems.

According to the latest population census around the world, many of the countries will have longer living individuals who will grow old and weak. They will not have anyone to cater to them. In these circumstances, caregivers or nurse practitioners will be a career in demand. It is not only a noble profession but it pays very well. They will be able to diagnose patients with many terminal and acute diseases. It is not easy to become a nurse practitioner. Moreover, a registered and highly qualified nurse can opt for this profession. They have high skills and experience. In 2019, the median yearly pay for nurse practitioners was $109,820. And between 2018 and 2028, they could benefit from about 169,000 job openings.

Software development:

This shouldn’t really come as a surprise for most people judging by the rapid reliance of the world on technology. People are switching to digital devices for everything. People are using machines for the simplest to the most complex tasks. This has brought in demand for software engineers.

This is because all these electronic devices require software to run. These software engineers are the ones who design these fully functional programs. Besides, software development has covered huge milestones in the last two decades. The rate at which the software industry is growing will definitely make it a mainstream occupation.

Moreover, every single industry will soon turn into automation and will need softwares to run their machines. The use of internet has made us connect with each other a lot. Mobile software is one of the most promising field of tomorrow. It will make a huge leap by the year 2025. In the future, it will grow rapidly. 1.35 million total job openings are projected to become available in the software development field between 2018 and 2028. The median yearly pay, for application software developers in 2019 was $107,510.

With all these things said we can surely say that we can expect a huge spectrum of fields for the future. The career range of the future seems much wider than now. It is going to be interesting to see which occupations become the life of the society. The journey is amazing. No matter which career it turns out to be on top.

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