Coronavirus: Spain allows UK Tourists to Visit Spain without Quarantine

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Coronavirus: Spain allows UK Tourists to Visit Spain without Quarantine

Spain said on Saturday it would open its doors to British tourists from Sunday without requiring them to spend two weeks in quarantine, opening up to one of its largest tourism markets after the hit from the coronavirus pandemic. We will allow British visitors to enter Spain just like the rest of the European Union or Schengen area from 21 June freely and without the need for the quarantine, foreign minister Arancha Gonzalez Laya told BBC News. But as much as Spain wants to welcome British tourists, the UK’s current quarantine measures, requiring a two-week period of self-isolation for most people entering the country from abroad, may well put off some potential travelers. Although, if you’re a student of current affairs and your assignment on Covid-19 is on pending but you aren’t able to write it, well don’t worry. With the help of UK Assignment Help based facilities, you can get it done in an appropriate way.

Thereafter, Britain is due to review its 14-day quarantine rule on June 29, three weeks after it had been introduced. “We will allow British visitors to enter Spain similar to the rest of the european Union or Schengen area from 21 June freely and without the necessity for the quarantine,” foreign minister Arancha Gonzalez Laya told BBC News. Spain will end its coronavirus state of emergency, imposed on March 14, on Sunday, and will open its borders to EU and Schengen area countries for a much needed boost to its tourism industry. Gonzalez Laya said British travelers would be subject to an equivalent “triple check” as other European visitors, which consists of checking their origin, taking their temperature and taking contact details just in case they have to be traced. “We want to make sure we welcome visitors but do so in safety and security for them also as for Spaniards,” she said.

Furthermore, Spain remains in discussions over whether the United Kingdom will similarly lift quarantine measures for Spaniards, she said. But it had been opening its borders “out of respect for the 400,000 British citizens who have second residences in Spain” and who are “dying to benefit” from them. A British government spokesman said its position on quarantines for people entering the country remained unchanged. “International travel corridors remain an option under consideration by the United Kingdom government, not established policy,” the spokesman said. “Conversations happen regularly with governments around the world on an entire range of issues and that we won’t be providing any longer details at this stage.” Britons account for quite a fifth of the roughly 80 million tourists Spain receives each year. Britain, which has reported quite 42,500 deaths from coronavirus, and Spain, with over 28,300, are among the countries hardest hit by COVID-19. Spain will open its border with Portugal on July 1.

Moreover, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, in his final weekly televised address before the end of the state of emergency, warned Spaniards to not drop their guard because the virus could return. A former Spanish prime minister once described the rock of Gibraltar, which Spain ceded to Britain in 1713, as a stone within the shoe of Anglo-Spanish relations. But Gibraltar currently isn’t the sole source of Spanish irritation with British. Last week’s abrupt decision by London to need Britons coming back from vacation in Spain to quarantine for 14 days has angered a Spanish government wanting to salvage something from the wrecked summer tourism season. And it augurs badly for Britain’s ongoing, fraught negotiations with the european Union for a post-Brexit free-trade deal. The 2 governments are at loggerheads since Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his advisers abruptly reintroduced the quarantine measures six days ago — to howls of protests not only from the Spanish government but also from Britain’s struggling airlines and Spanish hoteliers trying to fend off bankruptcy. Johnson’s official spokesman warned “no travel is risk-free during this pandemic.” Since then, Luxembourg has been added to Britain’s list of risky countries to visit.

Subsequently, the Spanish government has been lobbying Downing Street to alter its mind, mentioning that enormous parts of Spain, including the tourist hotspots of the Canary and Balearic Islands, are safer than Britain and have much lower coronavirus infection rates. In an interview last week with the Telecinco TV network, Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said his government was “talking with British authorities to undertake to get them to reconsider.” He said Britain had made a mistake by lumping all of Spain together and not taking a more clinical and complicated regional approach. He noted nearly 65 percent of Spain’s new cases are occurring in two regions — Catalonia within the northeast and neighboring Aragón. Britain’s quarantine requirement is “not well adjusted” to the epidemiological situation, he said. The Spanish signifies that other European countries, notably France and Germany, have only advised their citizens against visiting Catalonia. Under relentless pressure from Madrid, British government says it’ll review in 10 days’ time the quarantine requirement, which has prompted tens of thousands of would-be vacationers to cancel their travel plans. Low-cost airlines have halted flights to Spain. The review gives some hope to Spain that Britain may reverse its decision. But Britain’s quarantine decision is prompting a fierce backlash on the Iberian Peninsula that risks significant impact on Brexit talks. Spanish ministers are fuming. They were given no warning by London. The Spanish see the move as a stab within the back. Britons account for quite a fifth of the 80 million tourists who visit Spain on average each year. Nearly half a million Britons own vacation homes in Spain. The Spanish tourism association has offered to pay for British travelers to require virus tests in Spain. The dispute is threatening to reignite tensions between the 2 countries over the fate of Gibraltar, analysts say.

In conclusion, Spanish politicians, goaded by the country’s tabloid press, are warning that they won’t do Britain any favors within the deadlocked negotiations over Britain’s relationship with the EU. A key obstacle within the negotiations is over fishing rights in Britain’s waters. Gibraltar would rather be sued to further complicate Brexit negotiations. The present government in Madrid has dropped pushing Spain’s sovereignty claim to Gibraltar, but it’d revive it struggling from Spain’s parliament. Gibraltar is wanting to ensure it’ll be ready to take pleasure in a free-trade pact, if one is ever concluded, between Britain and therefore the EU. Spain could wield a veto over that happening, shutting Gibraltar out of any easy relationship with the remainder of the EU. Spain’s EU Affairs Minister Juan Gonzalez-Barba warned last month, before the present spat, that talks over Gibraltar’s future relationship with Spain and therefore the EU “will not be easy.” Also, he hinted Spain could revive sovereignty ambitions. Ninety-six percent of Gibraltar’s voters opposed Brexit within the 2016 EU referendum.

Eventually, Spain’s Iberian neighbor, Portugal, is also in hand with Britain. Portugal wasn’t included on Britain’s safe-last of nations, which was first published last month. The country’s foreign ministry blasted the exclusion, noting that 28 times more people had died from COVID-19 in Britain than in Portugal. An infuriated António Costa, the prime minister, tweeted a graph illustrating it had been safer within the tourist hotspot the Algarve, favored by British sun-seekers, than it absolutely was in Britain. Besides, if you are working on your paperwork regarding Covid-19 but are not a good writer, well don’t worry. By hiring online Assignment Help UK based services, you can handle all kinds of academic work in a quality manner.

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